Choosing a Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood System: Important Guidelines

For your restaurant kitchen, air flow is crucial.

The selection of your kitchen's cooking appliances typically doesn't require extensive investigation whether you're setting up a estaurant kitchen for the first time or even remodelling an existing kitchen. Food is after all your thing. Changes are you've been able to pinpoint exactly what you want for a while. But what about your exhaust hood from the commercial kitchen? You probably aren't into air flow. And as soon as you start looking into your alternatives, you realise there is a lot more to it than you initially believed. Here is a simple guide to choosing the ideal industrial kitchen exhaust hood for your restaurant.

It's crucial to have the correct industrial kitchen exhaust hood.

Your commercial kitchen exhaust hood must be carefully matched to the functionality of your kitchen, even though it might not be as enjoyable as choosing the cooking gadgets. The following is why:

Suppression of a fire

To comply with building requirements, you must choose a commercial kitchen exhaust hood with a fire suppression system if you're utilising any cooking appliances that produce smoke and grease.

Removal of heat, smoke, and grease

Smoke removal is required for the health and safety of your kitchen personnel in addition to complying with building requirements. Additionally, keep in mind that if the kitchen's smoke is not eliminated, it will eventually spread into the dining area and scare off guests. The efficiency of your kitchen and your workers depends on the removal of heat. You don't want employees fainting in the kitchen because it's too hot.

Grease removal is essential for cleanliness and for preventing fires. Your industrial kitchen's surfaces will become covered in grease that your exhaust hood was unable to remove. This necessitates greater cleaning time from your team.

odour control

Keeping cooking odours from permeating your restaurant is another crucial role of your commercial kitchen exhaust hood. Even if they might enjoy your onion soup, your consumers don't want to smell the onions cooking.

Advice for selecting the ideal industrial kitchen exhaust hood

1. TYPE 1 OR TYPE 2?

When looking for commercial kitchen exhaust hoods, you might have noticed these classifications. What's the difference and which do you need? Depending on the type of cuisine you're doing. A Type 1 exhaust hood has a fire suppression system and is created to be liquid-tight. Therefore, a Type 1 hood is required if you are engaging in any cooking that generates smoke or grease, such as frying, broiling, or grilling. A Type 2 hood will normally be adequate if you are baking or steaming, which simply produce heat and moisture.

2. Exhaust Rate

Cubic feet per minute, or CFM, is a measurement of how much exhaust air is cleared from your area each minute. The heat, smoke, and grease created by the cooking machines you're using, as well as the kinds of foods you're dealing with, will determine the exhaust rate you require for your commercial kitchen exhaust hood.

For instance, greasy foods create more grease. Frying over an open flame emits a larger "thermal plume" than cooking on a griddle. To determine the required exhaust rate for your commercial kitchen exhaust hood, all of these parameters must be taken into account.

To find out the recommended exhaust rate for your kitchen, ventilation professionals should be consulted.

3. Hood Design

The fundamental commercial kitchen exhaust hood designs are listed below along with their respective functionalities. Smaller hoods that are installed nearer to the cooking appliance are known as proximity hoods. Styles include eyebrow, pass over, and back-shelf hoods. These designs are excellent for situations with lower exhaust rates because they frequently require the least amount of exhaust to function.

As its name suggests, wall-mounted canopy hoods are mounted on the wall and generally cover an entire bank of kitchen equipment that are placed up against the wall. In comparison to proximity designs, wall-mounted canopies are often bigger and need for more exhaust volume. A bank of appliances is covered by an island canopy hood, which hangs from the ceiling. The most exhaust volume is usually needed for island hoods.

4. Dimension and mounting height

The physical dimension of the commercial kitchen exhaust hood must be taken into account once you have decided on the type, exhaust rate, and design style your kitchen requires. Is it the proper size to establish the capture zone you require for your kitchen appliances? In order to prevent grease and smoke from escaping into the nearby regions, the hood should typically extend beyond the space where your appliances are located. Once more, these selections will depend on your kitchenware and the meals you are making.

This is yet another justification for consulting professionals prior to buying your commercial kitchen exhaust hood.

5. Ventilation Design Perhaps the most significant advice is this: The ventilation plan you use is just as crucial as the hood itself. The efficacy of your commercial kitchen exhaust hood is greatly influenced by the size and shape of your ducting to the outside, well as the number and direction of bends that are required. A higher exhaust rate can be necessary on longer runs with more turns (more CFM). When installing a Type 1 hood with a fire suppression system, insulation is also required. Additionally, you'll want access doors in your ducting for future maintenance convenience.

Makeup air is a crucial component of your ventilation design as well. Consider this: to get rid of all that heat, aromas, grease, and smoke, your industrial kitchen exhaust hood removes a sizable volume of air from your kitchen every minute. The makeup air system enters the picture here. Without it, you run the danger of having issues with air balance that could let odours and draughts get into places they shouldn't.

These and other factors among others make specific knowledge and skill necessary when constructing Commercial kitchen exhaust hood systems. Make careful to select a reputable installation and servicing provider.

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